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The FoodGroup

At Network we value and celebrate food, understanding that there few things that unite us more than the combined experience of dining and conversation.The FoodGroup is a specialist team of foodies, nutritionists, dietitians and public health experts, who are experienced in leading food and nutrition campaigns that influence attitudes, build awareness and encourage action.
We explore the ‘how, why and when’ that is so vital in understanding the role of food and drink in our lives, and create meaningful discussion and collaboration within our network of health stakeholders and professional associations.With creative flair, strategic communication and a commitment to making a difference, the FoodGroup is a vital ingredient in the Network mix.
You can join the discussion at also offer the specialist food nutrition research services of Nutrition NZ, for research projects from brief right through to manuscript publications. Watch this space for our exciting new 'Free Lunch Friday' initiative, underway soon.

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