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The FoodGroup

Consumers are hungrier than ever before for information about their food. Conversations about food and beverages, and the impacts on our health, environment, and society, are fast-moving and attention-commanding.
As dietitians, nutritionists, food industry and communication experts, we’re also on the pulse and make meaningful contributions to the health and nutrition landscape in New Zealand and beyond.
Combining credibility with creative flair, we lead campaigns that result in demonstrable changes in attitudes, awareness and action. We facilitate meaningful collaboration amongst consumers, stakeholders, as well as the people they’re listening to.


The FoodGroup at Network is home to some of New Zealand’s best food communicators. We’re foodies, and we passionately champion the fact that few things unite us more than the experience of dining and conversation.


Our relationship with food is characterised by the same values we place on relationships in our lives, including honesty, trust and loyalty. These are influenced by the external environment as well as the intrinsic characteristics of a product or brand and building on them encourages consumers to make your brand their choice.


Creativity, strategy, knowing who to talk to, and a commitment to results, make the FoodGroup a vital ingredient in the Network mix.

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