The Communication Agency

Secondment and People Services

Finding good people is hard. At Network we provide quality in-house communications support for our client. Our consultants have joined clients’ teams at short notice, both full and part time, and for extended periods covering staff shortages, crisis situations and specialist campaigns.
Assignments have included on-site coordination of media and community engagement during nationally-significant news events, execution of award-winning marketing communications plans, drafting of legislative submissions, and attendance at offshore nutritional advisory meetings.
Aside from the obvious benefit to the client of being able to meet urgent staffing needs quickly and cost-effectively, there is the reassurance of knowing that throughout the assignment the secondee continues to enjoy the guidance and support of Network’s managers.


The knowledge gained and connections made by the secondee from being immersed within the organisation for an extended period help enhance the future support Network can offer once the secondment ends.


If you need a full-time member of staff, but don't have the time to recruit, Network can manage the process for you, using its networks to find a short list of suitable candidates.