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Small Voices, Big Dreams

ChildFund’s Small Voices, Big Dreams survey is the world’s largest poll of children’s opinions and New Zealand has been involved since 2010 with over 3,000 children aged 10-12 years having voiced their opinions. It is one of many campaigns Network and ChildFund have worked together on during a more-than 10 year relationship.

In 2016, 804 children from schools up and down the country were among the 6,226 children from 41 countries who participated globally. The survey delved into children’s views on education and safety.
It is one of the few direct opportunities for ChildFund to connect with New Zealanders, as an agency primarily focused on developing nations.

The key objective is to give children a voice and raise ChildFund NZ’s profile as the advocate for some of the world’s most deprived children, ultimately increasing ChildFund’s pool of potential donors.

Successful media relations hinges on targeted pitching and providing journalists quality content. We must review and refresh the approach each year to maintain interest.
Timing is also crucially important. In the wake of the Kaikoura earthquakes we delayed the data release, knowing New Zealand would have its mind on helping people in need at home and that media would be stretched for time and resources.

The survey revealed that around one quarter of New Zealand children feel safe at school only some of the time. This statistic struck a chord. In developing nations, around 34% of children can relate to this feeling.
Top tier media coverage was achieved across print, online and broadcast including a page-4 article in the Sunday Star Times and news bulletins on Radio LIVE; overall the estimated reach exceeded 2 million New Zealanders.

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Quarter of children feel unsafe at school - survey
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