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Sealord - leading the way in sustainable fishing

Seafood expert and international chef, Tom Kime, delighted an audience of food writers, media and key stakeholders with his array of dishes and tips on cooking with fish in an interactive cooking display, highlighting the versatility of Hoki. After achieving the sought-after Marine Stewardship Council Certification (MSC) for the third time, 
for their range of Hoki products Sealord celebrated by inviting Tom, a sustainable seafood expert, to not only share his delicious recipes but give his best advice for those shopping with sustainability in mind. A highly engaging speaker, Tom answered questions and had banter with audience members - who were able to taste-test the amazing creations throughout the display. 
The interactive cooking show proved to be a great catch for Sealord - guests were even treated to a hands-on demonstration of the art of filleting fresh Hoki - and provided a perfect forum for Sealord to show their commitment to sustainable fishing practices.