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Time to walk

When I first started as a PR in London, I found it quite exhilarating jumping from meeting to meeting, hailing black cabs to take me across town or even just a few streets away. Walking, and god forbid public transport, wasn’t in my vernacular. In fact, to my great shame I once took a 130km cab trip to avoid getting on a train – but that’s another story.

Now 20 years later, one of my greatest pleasures is finding the time to walk to a meeting, even if it means dodging rain and changing shoes around the corner from my destination.

When I started walking to and from meetings it felt like a luxury, even a little bit naughty. The thought ‘what if I get caught wasting time?’ frequently crossed my mind, although I’m not sure who I was expecting to catch me out!

I wonder why we often mistake being busy for being productive? Do we believe we are just too busy to walk - after all time is precious and Monday to Friday it’s valuable commodity. It’s taken me a while to get there, but I believe that time spent walking to meetings is good practice rather than a luxury.

For me ditching the cab and putting on flat shoes allows me time between meetings to think clearly, take a new perspective on projects, reconnect with colleagues and enjoy the city.

Next on the horizon is walking meetings; so with spring just around the corner don’t be surprised if you see the Network team out and about in Auckland, comfortable shoes optional.


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