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Keeping NZ’s tiniest hearts warm

In the past 5 years, Peninsula Club, a thriving retirement village located in Whangaparaoa, has donated over 4,000 knitted garments to Starship, Waitakere and North Shore hospitals helping to keep some of our smallest Kiwis warm.

The Peninsula Club’s knitting group has been knitting for charities for a total of 10 years and currently has 42 members aged from 53 to 93 years old. They meet every Friday for afternoon tea, friendly repartee, and a whole lot of knitting. The knitting groups’ collective knitting experience spans 2,000 years.

The most recent delivery to Starship, 25th July 2017, was gratefully received and will be put to good use keeping patients, from premature babies to three-year-olds, warm through Winter.

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity and time put in by these wonderfully dedicated women. Over the years many children have benefitted from their knitting – it can be a tough time for children as well as their families being in Starship, but this act of kindness doesn’t go un-noticed,” says Liaine Warneford, Administration & Volunteer Coordinator, Starship Foundation.

Peninsula Club knitting group member, Sandy Magill says their commitment is driven by giving to the greater good.

“These ladies knit with skill and precision, but most of all, heart. It’s a social gathering, but being able to pass on the knitting to those who need it is what unites us. It’s very rewarding.”

The knitting group knits seven different types of garments for sizes ranging from premmies to two to three-year old’s, all from acrylic yarn, which wears well and is easy to wash and care for. Every three months the knitted garments are delivered to the hospitals.

“Last year we delivered over 1,000 garments. We hope to at least match that next year, but we will aim to knit and deliver as many or as few as are needed,” says Sandy.

Peninsula Club is one of five Arena Living Villages that has a knitting club that donates to children in need. Arena Living is the proud sponsor of all the knitting material required and is extremely grateful for the members’ dedication and hard work.

For more information on Peninsula Club Arena Living please see their website    


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