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Free Lunch Friday with Heinz Watties - Black Bean Bliss Ball Recipe

Black Bean Bliss Balls

This month, Free Lunch Friday featured the Wattie's Legumes in Springwater range. We came up with two new and interesting ways to use legumes - including these scrumptious Black Bean Bliss Balls.

These bliss balls are super quick and easy to make, providing a perfect afternoon pick me up or post workout snack. The recipe also freezes well, making them a great last minute sweet treat for those unexpected guests.

Makes: 30
Prep Time: 10 minutes

• ½ cup dates
• ½ cup dried berries and cherries
• ½ cup ground almonds
• 2 Tbsp cocoa
• 2 Tbsp runny honey
• 400g can Wattie’s Black Beans in Spring water, drained
• Zest from 1 small orange
• Finely chopped toasted pistachios
• Coconut

1. Put dates, berries and cherries, ground almonds, cocoa, honey, Wattie’s Black Beans and orange zest into a food processor. Process until the fruit is finely chopped. The mixture will come together into a ball.
2. Roll the mixture into small balls. Roll balls in finely chopped toasted pistachios, cocoa or coconut. Store in a container in the fridge.

Chef's note
• To mix things up, try coating in chopped hazelnuts, cocoa or pumpkin seeds. Or for a more decadent version, try dipping in dark chocolate.


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