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Celebrating the life of a great New Zealander, visionary and gentleman

A special blog from Grant Common, Chairman of Network Communication

It was a privilege to be in Motueka today to celebrate the life of a great New Zealander, a real visonary and one of life's true gentlemen who gave New Zealand business a good reputation.

Sir Pat Goodman was a personal client for over 20 years and a friend for much longer. 

I can well remember Pat articulating his vision for a multi-national food group to be developed from a New Zealand base. And I was fortunate to be at his side as he saw his dream turn to reality.

Although he achieved much, and received many well-deserved acollades, he was essentially a modest and humble person who used to describe himself as "just a baker from Motueka".

The key to his success was his rapport with people and his ability to relate to people from all walks of life and his baking and small business beginnings meant that he never forgot the contribution that the worker on the factory floor made to the success of enterprise.

I was especially grateful that Pat worked with me to set up the New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust. I had the concept, based on the UK model, but it would not have got off the ground, and become the success that it has today, without Pat's support and commitment as its inaugural Chairman. 

I am personally proud to have played a small role in helping Pat achieve his business dreams. And Network is proud to have claimed a Goodman-related business as a client continuously since 1976. We hope we can continue to contribute to the Goodman legacy.


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