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What's your wellness score?

New quiz to provide personal and national view of Kiwis’ health and happiness A new quiz is available to help New Zealanders learn more about their personal wellbeing and contribute to a picture of the country’s overall health and happiness. Each and every New Zealander who takes the quiz will be having input into the total score and will be able to see a real time view of… Read full post

Tackling the task of bus schedules – mission impossible

There are few things more frustrating for the user of public transport, having arrived at the bus stop in plenty of time only to have the selected and due bus, and the next one, to bypass the stop because it’s already full. In recent weeks it has occurred to me just how difficult life must be for the team responsible for scheduling buses. Admittedly my experience is largely confined to the… Read full post

Who is trying to silence whom?

Nicky Hager now attacks the public relations industry.  He asserts: the PR industry has not been honest about a good half of what they do – that is, their activity aimed at suppressing other people’s freedom of speech when it’s hurtful to their clients. He used a seminar hosted by the public health department at the University of Otago, Wellington, to do exactly what he accuses… Read full post

Million dollar sales push up Auckland's average house price in September

Signs that prices and sales activity in the Auckland residential housing market will lift post the General Election are evident in September’s sales figures. “September’s average house sales price at $738,876 is the highest on record,” said Peter Thompson, Managing Director, Barfoot & Thompson. “It is $13,000 up on the previous highest average price established… Read full post

Auckland landlords forsee modest rent increases

Although the majority of Auckland landlords intend to increase rents in the coming 12 months, the increases will not be sufficient to compensate them for the higher outgoings they will be facing. “While two thirds of landlords are intending to increase their rents, by far the majority see that rent rise being 5 percent or less,” said Barfoot & Thompson Director, Kiri Barfoot.… Read full post

"Sorry" and profuse apologies - real or procedural?

We’ve blogged about the propensity of sports people to apologise for their offending action and say sorry…and tell us how they’ve let down all and sundry.  It’s a routine, and this time it has been Aaron Cruden. It is becoming learned behaviour. Last week, on attending a Family Group Conference, I received a string of “sorrys” and apologies from the boy… Read full post

The carpetbaggers of the third estate

I've been reflecting why we have been hearing so much from the so called anti-sky brigade. I think the answer lies in their delight in getting involved in/influencing potentially the outcome of a General Election of a country that is not their own. Ask yourself...would this be happening in the UK, the USA, Canada, or Australia?  The answer is no. The Aussies would surely give them short shrift,… Read full post

Wanted - Dusty old bikes!

Do you have a dusty old bicycle lurking in the garage, languishing in the garden shed or hiding in that eerie forgotten spot behind the house? Well, now you can give it a shiny new life for a great cause.   ChildFund New Zealand needs at least 100 unwanted bicycles for an exciting Christmas installation that will celebrate the humble bike as the perfect festive gift for children in… Read full post

The mood of CEOs accounts for 112 votes

In the wake of Hager’s selective and subjective exposures in his Dirty Politics book there has been a good deal broadcast and printed about how, as Kiwis, we are losing, or have lost our moral compass. I have been interested to read a feature in today’s New Zealand Herald titled “Mood of the Boardroom” which purports to give us the result of a survey of CEOs on a range… Read full post