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Joining the dots from the classroom to the industry

Words by Claire Mourits 

Leaving the comfort of university and jumping head first into full time work has been a hugely rewarding, albeit, somewhat daunting task.

There have been the usual speedbumps to navigate, from the early morning starts to the excel formulas, and the cardinal rule of using BCC when necessary.

What else have I learnt since working at Network that I couldn’t have learnt in the classroom alone? Three key learnings spring to mind.

Firstly, the true importance of stakeholder management, and that building rapport with clients, journalists and key stakeholders is fundamental. Don’t shy behind the keyboard – pick up the phone and have a conversation.

Secondly, the benefits of collaborative problem- solving. Whether it’s a chat with a colleague or a team brainstorm, I’ve discovered there’s a lot to be gained by sharing your ideas with others, no matter how left- field they may seem!

Last but not least, that there’s value in the little things, whether its media monitoring or putting together a media list, each task plays a vital role in the overall direction of a strategy.

With plenty more to learn, I’m keen to see what the future of PR holds. I definitely hope it becomes more transparent as a business function, partly so I don’t have to keep telling friends and family that a) I am not a spin doctor and b) public relations is different from human resources.

I am also interested to see how social media continues to shape the way organisations build relationships with their stakeholders. Will certain social media platforms become too oversaturated with content that it becomes too difficult to break through? Or will social media and its universe/galaxy/plethora/ocean of data drive the direction of PR campaigns in future?

Time and experience will only tell, but for now I am grateful to be learning from the expertise around me and to be diving head first into my role as an Account Executive. 



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