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Finance Fundamentals

Words by Torben Akel

If you ever want to consolidate your financial nous, I recommend Massey’s Fundamentals of Finance paper, which I took online over summer.

It includes an overview of financial products, markets and intermediaries, financial planning tools for individuals and businesses, and formulas for making calculations.

And it’s structured in a way that essentially forces you to keep up and cram as you go – with weekly video lectures and fortnightly tests that leave little room for error (but are thankfully open book…)

Best of all, it arms you with the financial knowledge every Kiwi should really be taught in school, like how to work out if a project or plan is worth the expense, or if you’re better of investing elsewhere – which can be applied to many decisions in life, from tertiary qualifications to business ventures.

Having studied economics at school and uni, it struck me how much more practical finance is, and got me wondering why it’s not specifically offered at NCEA level when so many other subjects are.

I see $10 million has set aside for a programme called Sorted in Schools, which is expected to be in all high schools by 2021.

It’s a good start but when you consider we have one of the world’s highest rates of household debt, anything that helps more Kiwis better understand money can’t come soon enough.


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