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Digital & Social Media

We’ve been at the forefront of New Zealand’s social media revolution since the outset, helping our clients keep one step ahead of their competition. Some clients have a strong vision of how they feel the social media and digital space can work for them. Our role is to help them navigate this path by enriching their strategy and tactics with our knowledge and connections. We’ve also helped some of our less tech-savvy clients take their first tentative steps to becoming better connected for business growth.
From mass circulation to bloggers with very focused spheres of influence, Network has strong relationships with bloggers and social media influencers of all shapes and sizes. Change is constant and to ensure we keep ahead of the pack, we work closely with independent digital marketing and SEO specialists who we use to help shape our strategy and outreach.
Our expertise in issues and crisis management extends to storms in a Twitter cup and Facebook stoushes which have the potential to make homepage news at the click of a button. From real-time monitoring from the coal-face, to advising when and when not to engage, our social media management is thorough and thoughtful.

To help get Kiwi teens active, Coca-Cola New Zealand recently announced the launch of Move60 , an overarching initiative designed to motivate Kiwis to be active for 60 minutes a day. …

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